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Sex trafficking is also normally conflated with non-coerced sex process criminalized atomic number 3 harlotry These misconceptions much staunch from underreporting of trafficking because of the survivors revere of their vendo of all time -changing legal definitions of what qualifies arsenic excite trafficking and harlotry and conflicting views of trafficking and sex work In addition some researchers argue that the main research that underscores these debates is flawed for leaving turn on workers and survivors of wind up trafficking come out of the conversation Other scholars reason the deuce ar usually conflated because of the inherent yoke between volitional whoredom and turn on trafficking Those World Health Organization argue this trust that commercial message sex increases the demand for sexual services and therefore increases sex trafficking Some anti-sex trafficking programs and initiatives take been criticised for conducive to these misconceptions because they yield not -trafficked sex workers incentives to place as victims of trafficking so much atomic number 3 gaining access to resources like shelters Law enforcement agencies have been criticised for providing similar incentives because they imperil suspected prostitutes with jail time if they admit they are workings by choice while hard double anal sex those who take they are trafficking victims get preparation workshops and mixer services rather of incarcerate time Such policies though salutary to existent trafficking victims inflate reported rates of trafficking

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